Blue Blue Blue…

Like my last post, this is my favorite color. Hello everyone, my habits of disappearing on y’all is bad I know.Lucky for you, i come with loads to share, you will be unveiled, you will reason, you shall see it clearly.

New readers, hey. I’m Derrick Reece, most guys call me Reece. So basically this is what I love doing. Blogging. I basically blog about life, philosophical views, pop-culture (need to work on this) and fashion.

“That’s what I like…” lyrics by Bruno Mars. Funky song by the way. So today, I realized I have reached the limits of being conformed with what I don’t like. What others like is definitely not a guarantee my preference. We’re all different. Hence the fact why I usually do not like conforming to most views, practices, ideas, recommendations, you name it!!! There are conformists and non-conformists. I am , well you know if you have followed my blog from the beginning. So, what aroused this feeling today, well politics and the media!

You know being a Communication student. everyone expects you have the news at your fingertips. Top-notch! not yellow journalism my friend. So, with the elections and every blimey thing going on, I conceded to my solitude and not play part with something divisive. Then I hear a voice from the living room, “Why can’t you pay attention to this, its all journalism and that’s what you study. As a media student….” Stop!

Who said I should be part of something which concerns you but doesn’t to me? You know, yes, even as a student, there are highlights I will capture for my selective purposes. But demanding I be engraved in something so divisive? So what if I study Communication? How does politics and Communication relate? This is what I meant by saying the society has molded us into a ball that should be bounced by everything and everyone that comes our way.

As a person, you have the right to the views, clothes, shows, materials, whatever it is, that you like. Do not concede defeat just because a friend, or Mom and Dad said so, (unless you are 16 and below, do what you gotta do). Have your say. Yes, fight for your right. I am not writing this coz of anger or frustration, but because I know someone reading this feels the same way. Feeling trapped in a cage, that cage being society. Grilled with strong bars, the bars being the worldview you grew up with.  You need a key to get out. That key is your mindset. Once you acknowledge that you, and only you have the capacity and authority to incorporate what suits you best, only then shall you know full solitude.

Well, what life has taught me so far is that your aspirations and wants come first before anything else. Before love, before friendship, before applying for that job… It’s what you like and what you are going to do about it to get it. Me, what am i doing? I am sharing with you, because blogging purifies my soul, frees my mind, enamels my spirit with thrill to go on. Also, I plan on going on a long trip to fully discover who Reece is, and whether I am living the life of things I like and love doing. . .

I like being in control. I like knowing that I reached out to a hand drowning in thoughts and lent them ambition.  I like dressing up good and posing for the camera. I like solitude and serenity. I like being able to decide for myself. I like being bold, and not just follow every rule set. Question it. I like being me, coz ain’t nobody who’ll like what I like than me.

So… What do you like?



A dash of blue. One of my few favorite colors! ha? Thought I’d say many. Dead wrong. my soul comprises of colors that represent what I like in life. Black, Blue, and white. Each color represents a part of my ambivert personality. Blue, for instance, represents my deep need inner peace and truth, I am not impulsive or spontaneous to situations, I believe in daily meditation and quiet time for reflection, introspection and self-discovery. I may tell you something on the rest of the two colors in the end.

Time for my proper introduction now. {clears throat} “Drum roll please…” Boy, am I corny on some days. hey everyone. super super glad to have gotten some time to write again. It has been so long. What, 2 months? Sigh, but I have been so preoccupied with conforming to this system partitioned to us of being students, in simpler terms, school’s been whack man! I don’t know why we have to conform to these patterns expected by society. Life is about exploration and being free to choose what you want. Not that I didn’t wanna do communication, but you know… liberation of the mind. Anyway, this is Kenya. Suck it up and face it on till the end.


Now, I get a lot of side-eyes and questions on why I love Beyonce too much. Heck, someone said I need to get paid for my appraisals of her day in day out. HOLD UP, lemme stop ya there. One thing I love her for is her self drive, energy and determination to be the perfectionist she is today. Now, she did not come to be one of the most successful entertainers of all time by being a Farrah Williams, no sir.

You know…i watched the ‘Life is but a Dream’ documentary the other day. yeah, gasp, and it came out in 2013 you wonder. I was savoring it for the time I discovered I needed to know why energy drives a person to be what they wanna be. Now after watching that documentary, I realized that the amount of drive she has had since she were a child, to a teen, to a grown ass woman today, is what has prospered her career to be deemed as the greatest of all time, i.e. G.O.A.T. And I really saw my aura in hers, but now my problem is I dunno where to start.

Where oh where ? right? You too? Shame on us. The maximum potential anyone can unravel in themselves is so tremendous that if that drive were human, it would be impossible to compete with. I have said things, yup, don’t judge me, I wanna venture into music, start a V-log on YouTube , do official wear men’s modelling, but this system I have been accustomed to limits me. If I am struggling now to juggle my studies and personal life, what about when I start all these? Won’t I be exhausted? I know working never killed anyone, no literal means intended, but it  just seems impossible.

The problem is having the energy, check, having the goals, check, having the measures of time? Nah bruh! It don’ work that way. For one to accomplish everything they ever wanted, you got to sacrifice. Now, I am willing to sacrifice my aspirations for now, remember, education is important. Pain in the ass or not, you have to acquire it.

But one thing’s for sure. when I wear that graduation gown, and toss that hat in the sky, boy, I’m-ma be so energy driven, I will compromise everything, from sleep, to eating if necessary. I have learned so much from Beyonce, that y’all just think,”He obsessed or something.” No! That artiste you like or love, find out the measures they took to get where they are today. Don’t just mumble and lip-sync along with the beats of their song, find out what drove them to get there.

{PS// Black is mysterious and protective. Black absorbs negative energy. Black is power and control of the self and others. It creates fear and intimidation. the effect on me, IT HAS MADE ME FORMAL, DIGNIFIED AND SOPHISTICATED. }

Since I cant type in white, I’ll use this silver. So in the long run, I do hope I get you my readers to see what you can’t see and evaluate your life on a whole new perspective. I usually write soul-searching content so that you get to know me and get to know I choose to be who I am. All these luxuries I envy, well, the bible says Time for everything. I ain’t worried. God got me. And He got you too. Oh, white for me represents New Beginnings!

So glad I got to communicate all this to you. Thank you for taking your time to read my posts. But i will start V-logging soon. waiting on a camera, then, I’m-ma get y’all glued to my page. Till next time guys, #Mr_Eccentric.

S H I N E O N M E . . .

Hello everyone. Once again, I break the long journey silence. Well, the past year hasn’t been easy for me. I had loads and loads of school work to do. Heck, then December came, and I had to do the house chores till last week. All in all, I am back. Thrilled actually as I am typing now. I have missed the sensation I get each time I hit the keyboard, expressing what I feel and have been through to you loyal readers. Let talk, shall we…

Now I know I may be corny with,” new year, new me..” shit, but I actually have this aura in me that says I will benefit largely this year.  Of late, I have been having strange dreams, like a premonition. Oh I have met influential people who I only follow on social media in real life, Oh I will drive my own car, Oh I have lost people i thought were friends, Oh i get back-stabbed by the person I least expect… All in all, I at first thought this was just paranoid. How in the world did I become psychic! Ror! There’s only one Raven, That’s not So Me… Kidding. But looking at it from a structured paradoxical view, I actually think I am attracting all these energies, but I just don’t believe it. I mean, how! Though any of them have not happened, well, only a few, like two,  still I am actually starting to believe that my inner aura is attracting all these notions, preconceived or not, to me. You know I read somewhere ,” You are what your inner self attracts.”

The reason for these unfathomable dreams may be that i have so longed for these to happen, and my faith may just be renewing itself each passing day of this year. Again, it might be corny, heck i believed it too, but I think that a new opportunity is presented each time God grants you to see a new year. Because the past year is gone. Did you accomplish all you planned? I believe you partly did, but not wholly. So this year, I will not succumb to blocking my desires simply because of the preconceived notion that it’s still gon be the same year in, year out. You, I have a very expensive lifestyle, that I desire, partly live it, but rarely take the step to afford it. Beyonce says, ” I dream it, I work hard, I grind till I own it.” Like i said in my previous blogs, I am gradually embracing my talents and skills to better my best. So if you read this, and may be willing to, you know, give me a shot somewhere, DO IT! Hardy Ha Ha. But I’m serious.

I am tired of salivating at people’s success and lifestyles when I have the ability to get my own. How though? I still don’t know, but my aura surely will tell me. There is no more coveting Instagram personalities’ life, why shouldn’t I be one too? It’s a matter of trust, praying and believing that you and I will better our best selves this year. So, 2017 is my time to shine, my time to get my grind on and so should you. Aren’t you tired of saying,” How comes not me?” I got tired of that cockamamie line last year. So I basically don’t care if you ploy at me rolling your eyes at me saying, “2017, my year!” Enjoy while you pitifully can. But I know that other reader feels the same. Now, can you go out there and attract what suits you? Attract what you wish for? It won’t bring itself boy/honey! Better get your 2017 in FORMATION!

Now that that’s over and done with, do like and follow my blog. If you feel I stung too much, the better. If you liked it, like it and forward it to your chats and groups. And, wait for my v-logging soon, I may drop the videos here, or on my Youtube channel. @Derick Reece, subscribe early enough if you like my singing.


Hello everyone. I know i have a certain tendency of being on and off at times, but its been quite hectic for me. Well i finished last semester in May, but been quite busy. I would like to share with you all that I finally think I am getting the need to strive for my future. And its big.

For starters, I often get the sunny days and rainy days. We all do. But I think its  because we all feel intimidated with what our peers are busy achieving, and flaunting it pretty good too, but that doesn’t mean we quit on our drams. We all are rare roses in a garden of blooming flowers. We all have the capacity of being ridiculed in future, or being upheld. Personally, I waved goodbye to that cloud of fear, disappointment, misjudging and despair long ago. You wanna know why? Let me illustrate…

One day a boy was busy playing with his friends outside. Typical of any young boy or girl. So as they were busy in their world of amusement and fun, a teenage girl walked to them asking if she could join. {Pause: Awkward right, but hold on} The kids stared at her in amusement. What would a teenager want among kids? The boy asked, “Why? You’re older than us. It feels awkward.” Bu the girl answered that she never felt comfortable around her friends. So the kids agreed. Shortly, the kids’ curfew hit and it was time to go home. But the boy wanted a moment alone with the girl to inquire deeply about her true intentions to interact with them. ” Why?” he asked. She stared at him , looking nowhere else but at the doors of his soul that were a dazzling brown, and answered, ” I wanted to give you a reason to keep on coming outside. I noticed today was the only day this month you came outside. I know you’re shy of people, but me being older should give you no reason to be intimidated by anyone. We’re all one, all under the same sky.”

So in short, of late i have been feeling a bit jealous of guys flaunting it all on Instagram, Snapchat, even Facebook apparently. But I guess its the desire to be at peace with myself that I can be just as much successful or better. There’s no need for my ray of light to be blown off just because one has a torch. No. I should aim to be successful, but also to be competent that time should do all that. I don’t not to chase your dreams, but be careful not to look back when it’s too late. This depth of having it all that we all have should be measured with uttermost solitude, keenness and ambition. I believe these three are the key to getting what you want. Just remember that the problem isn’t you, but it is within you.

Lastly, always count your blessings and trials, because they happen for a reason. Your trial may be a sign to seeing your success, but also your blessings may be a warning for tougher times ahead. Live your dream, rock your youth, nurture your future. At the end, the want for more, may be satisfying…

See you soon guys, I am soon venturing into v-logging. Be on the lookout.


GOD KEEPS YOU. Wonderful read…

Kobi Kihara-Girl Inspired

It seems like I’ve always been saved. From around the age of 6, I was fully aware of God. His presence, influence and love, I was in from  the start. I got saved in NPC Valley Road at the age of 9, I knew I needed God for what I was to become, it was simple for me, it was just God & I. And then life happened. I grew up, went to college, traveled, lived everywhere and met everyone and of course experienced everything…my life metamorphosed into a future movie.

I’ve lived a beautiful life and everyday I remember to be grateful for that, but I’ve also lost myself here and there, I still stumble and fall but I’m much more aware now and the best part is, I’m aware of God in all of it and that it was always God. He was always there, when I look…

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Hello guys. I know it’s been ages since I was last here. Miss me? Me too. Not? Me too. Just kidding. Anyway remember last time when I wrote on embracing talent? Well I took the first step last week. Though I felt like a complete fool, it was worth the try. have you ever felt so scared! Though I don’t scare easily, satire included, in front of an audience I deem hard to impress, yeah I do scare easily.

So we had a small concert at my school last week on Wednesday. Music, Arts and Spoken word too, all were to be showcased to fellow students in order to show that we got talent. While rehearsing, I felt timidity but once I got on that podium and more than twenty four pairs of eyes were on me, my light went off! The heat that was there, good lord, my mouth even went dry when singing. See I have never really perfected my ability to stand in front of an audience , though I try, I guess I am still not there yet. Sadly I sounded awful coz of my wobbling hands and voice, my body swaying left to right to at-least shake off the tension I had!

The audience did applaud yes, but deep down, they might have seen that scared, timid inner persona of mine that only reveals itself once facing a tough audience. tough crowd huh! My pals might say I did good, but I know I would have done better if I got rid of the timidity. But you know what, it’s stopped worrying me. Wanna know why? Because  I had the guts to get up, walk to that podium, hold that mic and open my mouth to sing. Some guys are really really scared than myself when it comes to facing an audience, especially if you are introverted and talk to seldom anyone from school, they even run away dropping the mic and leaving the crowd in awe. Some may make fun of them afterwards and they might be afraid to ever show their faces to school again.

That day after the gig ended, I walked the hallways guys passing me and saying, “You did great!” I may not have believed it then but I sure do know now. My cousin Joy told me something that day that changed my whole attitude. “The fact that you did not run from that podium proves you were bold.” These words greatly impacted my motivation to stand on that podium again and enjoy singing for it’s the only talent I got. And if I don’t wow you, I am sorry but I wow myself and those that respect guys who are bold enough to stand in front of a crowd and do their thing, regardless scared or not, and finish off.

So I leave my cousin’s quote for those who think of themselves as imperfect, “The fact that you can stand in front of a crowd and showcase your talent to the end without running off proves you bold.”

Great writing to you guys again. See you next time…